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too many balls in the air

The Challenge

Statistics estimate companies are wasting billions of dollars in labor because their leaders are spending time on things that they shouldn’t be doing. No, not like watching cat videos on YouTube, like attending meetings that they don’t need to be in. Our client developed a platform with one main purpose – to make company leaders more efficient by helping determine priorities.

Our client chose to hold a launch event for their platform in NYC and needed a small event space to be transformed so it could provide a memorable experience for the VIPs and press who were on the guest list.

This is where we came in. After confirming that there would be tasty bites and an open bar at the event, we accepted the challenge to design the space within the allotted budget.


The first thing we did was dig deeper to understand the client’s vision. They knew two main things – that they wanted the space to visually tell a story and there were three main elements that needed to be incorporated: a networking lunch with passed hors d’oeuvres, an interactive opportunity with the platform and a short presentation with the CEO and guest speakers.

Working with their existing theme “too many balls in the air,” we designed the space to be visually cohesive with a scenic installation hanging from the ceiling and print materials throughout the room sporting the company logo. As guests walked through the space, the print materials first showed harsh statistics about money lost and time wasted. After having the opportunity to interact with the platform via two touchscreen monitors, guests were then greeted with a step-and-repeat for photo opportunities and print elements with strong solution statements.

We strategically placed the stage on the far end of the room with casual two-tier seating, using couches and high-boy tables with stools. When guests were ushered into the space, they again were greeted with signage displaying disruptive statistics. After a short presentation, they walked out with a new sense of the abilities of the program and saw only company branding and solution statements.

At the end of the day, the design was clear and effective. “What is the problem, and how is this platform the solution?” Along with the room and print design, Q Creative supported our client and their guests with event, video and photography services, being a true turn-key solution.

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