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The Challenge

We’re always excited when we get the opportunity to hit the road with a client. Delivering creative solutions in any geography is part of our specialty, plus we definitely don’t mind the bonus airline miles. For this particular challenge, our client needed us to create a custom setup that could fit in any room. Without knowing all of the locations we’d be in upfront, we knew we’d need to create something that could flex to different scales without compromising the integrity of the design. We lovingly refer to this treatment as, “the Slinky Concept”.


We ended up creating curved vertical LED strips that we could build taller or shorter based on the ceiling height of the room. We could also expand or contract the distance between them to fill out the width of the space. So we could slink it up or slink it out. The Slinky.

We were also careful to design an approach to the content that wouldn’t result in high postproduction fees every time we needed to adjust the sizing. We were able to establish a simple, cost effective template that would ensure consistency of design and presentation across all geographies. Simple yet sophisticated.

This design traveled from Chicago to the UK, Italy, Germany, India and Malaysia.

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