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Quality at any scope

We consider ourselves to be experts at creative problem-solving!  

How can we turn the ballroom into a spaceship?  How do we ensure all participants have a voice?

What keynote works best for this audience and content goals? 

How do we take last year’s budget and be twice as efficient?

It’s not uncommon for an event’s production budget to change year over year. This is where we get very creative!   

2022: Make it WOW

In 2022, we created a visually stunning Keynote for attendees making their first appearance at a post-pandemic in-person event.  We designed an experience that demonstrated the company’s investment in their customers, their brand positioning, and their innovative strength.  

For the set, we combined LED walls with a custom-shaped center projection screen. We enhanced the design with a 60-ft cyc backdrop and with returns on the LED that made the LED walls look like huge, solid structures.   

Our producers and designers developed striking visuals to tell the client’s story. We did not use PowerPoint. Every ‘slide advance’ was actually a fluid video animation guiding the audience between canvases. It had a serious impact! 

2023: Make it EFFICIENT 

Let’s take last year’s inspiration and scale the design to save cost. Challenge accepted!  

  • We turned our middle projection screen into a “hard set” print  

  • We used projection instead of LED for our screens 

  • We used pre-rigged technology in the room to cut down on set-up and strike time 

  • We developed content in PowerPoint vs. a series of rendered animations 

  • We nipped, tucked, and made necessary substitutions in our gear and scenic 


And hey, we think it looked great! 

16197-George R Brown Convention Center-Houston_00327__Airplane_SAP Cube_DW2.jpg

We love designing an event that wows the audience, but attendees don’t fly from around the world for high-resolution LED or for moving lights that sync to the walk-in music. They come for the content. The messages. The stories. They come to hear from product designers and thought leaders. They come to network with like-minded people. 

An incredible experience is possible no matter the budget, and a good creative partner will listen to your needs and appropriately elevate the experience.   

So… how can we help? 

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