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60% of Anything
is Never Enough

The Challenge

Our client designed an internal training campaign for its employees. The target was to have every employee complete the training, earning the achievement of being “Conversant”. However, the achieved result was a little over half of that – 60%.

60% is awesome if you are talking about a batting average, but for our client it was not good enough. They were striving for 100% and would do whatever to it took to get there!

So what could make this happen? They needed a video to motivate the employees towards the original 100% course completion target. It’s at this point we were called in to handle the challenge.


Our team understood that for the video to be effective it needed to be memorable, fun, and directed towards a specific action. The approach was to use comedy as a tool to increase employee engagement around the training. Using the comedy rule of threes, we wrote three short scenes that showed how ridiculous and demeaning it is to do 60% of something when the expectation is completion.

We worked with a local improv comedy network to refine the script. One scene presented to the audience how it feels to have only 60% of your pizza delivered. We did this using visual effects, and it definitely got the viewer’s attention!

Even more powerful was the scene displaying the look of a 60% completed haircut, which we achieved with hair and makeup special effects. It was fun and memorable – as planned – and the approach did its job. People laughed, they remembered the videos, and they took the training!

Take a look: Video 1  |  Video 2  |  Video 3

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